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आज ऐसे कितने ही लोग हैं, जिनकी हाइट कम होने के कारण वे कई अवसरों का लाभ नहीं उठा पाते एवं सारी खुशियां होते हुए भी उनके मन मे यह बात खटकती है कि उनकी हाइट अपने हमउम्र साथियों से आखिर कम क्यूँ है? दरअसल, शरीर को ठीक से पोषण न मिलने या विकास सम्बन्धी होर्मोन का सही समय पे सही मात्रा में सक्रीय नहीं होने के कारण समय के साथ उम्र तो बढ़ती जाती है लेकिन कद छोटा रह जाता है |

Tall height has always been linked to good physique, strength & attractive persona. However, a number of factors such as malnutrition, hormonal deficiency, spinal shrinkage, genetic factors, medical conditions or lack of physical activity are responsible for improper vertical growth in a person. Additionally, timely and adequate release of growth hormones also determine your height through your physical growth phase of life.

About Maha Shikhar Vati

A safe & permanent natural cure to prevent your high dreams from sinking!

Maha Shikhar Vati is a proprietary ayurvedic composition to enhance your height most naturally. It is a tested cure extremely suitable for all those who have tried almost every kind of treatment to boost height but, in vain. The treatment lets you grow taller, regardless of the age & other factors. Maha Shikhar Vati falls under the category of historic science of life, Ayurveda and it is 100% non-toxic. It is suitable for both males & females.

Maha Shikhar Vati works in many ways to stimulate the factors responsible for natural growth of height; primary being the secretion of growth hormones and other is proper nutrition. The herbs used to prepare Maha Shikhar Vati have proven effect on activation of sluggish pituitary and nutritional benefits to bone and muscle growth. It also works by increasing disc padding between vertebral spaces to increase the spinal column length, resulting in height increase naturally.

Maha Shikhar Vati comprises all-natural extracts, blended after comprehensive research, suitable climate & as per the quantity recommended by the best ayurvedic experts.

Maha Shikhar Vati works in the following ways:

Maha Shikhar Vati works in the following ways:


Everyone in our family is short-heighted but I never wanted this with my son. Unfortunately, his height couldn’t increase after 20. I always felt a lacking in his heart. One of my friends suggested Maha Shikhar Vati & he grew over 4 inch in a month’s time!

I had a strong belief height doesn’t grow after 21. But, after completing the full course of Maha Shikhar Vati, I grew 4 inch taller! My thinking has changed now & I have even suggested this miraculous treatment to my friends.

My younger brother is 6 inches tall & I am only 5’5. In spite of huge affection between us, height difference was always a thing that used to pinch my heart. A day, I saw Maha Shikhar Vati’s advertisement on TV, I immediately ordered it & today, I am 6’4!

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